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Music has the power to move us. Hearing just a few notes can elicit a range of emotions from happiness to sorrow, depending on the situation or memory the sounds may be associated with. Do you remember that feeling you had when you first discovered music that you identified with? Losing the ability to really hear and connect with music can be a huge source of frustration.

So, what can be done to enhance the listening experience of live music if you’re dealing with hearing loss?

If you are currently using Eargos

  • Be sure to have a Music program set up for your Eargos in the mobile app (applies to Eargo 5, and Eargo 6). This will provide you with the optimal settings to enjoy music with the best sound quality.

  • If you don’t currently have a Music program, that’s OK. You can either go to your Noise Filter page in the Eargo App and turn the noise filter to OFF, or you can replace one of the default programs with the Music program. 

Replacing a program is easy, just go to the Programs tab in the mobile app, tap the orange pencil icon at the bottom of the screen, tap the dots in the top-right corner of the program you’d like to replace, choose “Change program”, then choose the new program and tap “Apply”.

Eargo mobile app screen - Programs
Eargo mobile app screen - Noise Filter

Other things to consider

  • Concerts can be very loud, so consider where you sit. Try to place yourself further away from the stage and away from speakers. In large venues, the sound is generally very loud no matter where you sit, so the back may be the best place to choose.

  • Is it an indoor or outdoor venue? Generally speaking, outdoor venues will be more gentle on your ears.

Protecting your hearing from loud music is important in preventing further hearing loss, as exposure to loud noises may be one of the biggest culprits in causing hearing loss (Mirella MM, et al., 2013). Consider leaving your Eargos, or other hearing aids, at home and wearing hearing protection instead. If you have Eargos, you can bring your charger with you to secure them and charge them during the performance.

It’s important to note that everybody’s hearing loss is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for hearing live music better.

The tips and recommendations provided here are general guidelines that should set you up for success, but if you require additional assistance to get your Eargos to provide you with the best sound, in any situation, we’re here to help.

Reach out to our team of hearing professionals and we’ll be happy to assist you. We can talk to you about the various settings and programs, and the differences between the various tips available, and how they may impact sounds.