Eargo hearing aids with charger and mobile app on phone screen


BY DEB CORTI - JULY 13, 2023



What do we have cooking this summer? We’re releasing improvements to our Mobile App for Eargo 5 ,6, and 7 users. Be on the lookout for a software update after July 27th.

What to expect when updating?

  • If you’re already an app user with your phone’s automatic updates turned on, you’ll simply open the Eargo app and see the required software updates to the hearing devices that will make these features available.

  • If you’re someone with automatic updates turned off, you’ll open the Eargo app and will see a link to your App Store. Follow it to easily update your app version (it will simply install on top of your current version), then continue to the required software updates to the hearing devices that will make these features available.

  • Not an app user yet? You are in for a treat. Go to your Apple App or Google Play Store to download and launch the new Eargo app. Connect your Eargo system then update your Hearing Devices. Take Sound Match to optimize your Eargos to your unique hearing needs and preferences.

Pro Tip: During software updates, remember to ensure your charger battery is more than 25% full, ensure you have a stable WiFi or cellular connection, and keep the app open and the charger nearby throughout the update.

Sound Match Improvements
We (and by “we” – all credit goes to our Clinical and Acoustic sciences team) improved the logic behind the algorithm in this feature. It is now quicker to take and provides better sound quality for some hearing results. If you’re happy as a clam with your hearing devices, no need to retake it. If you think they could do with a tweak, go ahead and redo Sound Match.

Remote Control Improvements
Everyone with the new app will notice that the remote control function responds to make changes to the hearing devices a little faster now, which we hope you find convenient.

Updated Cleaning Video
Don’t forget to check out our updated Additional Care video in the app or on eargo.com/guides to learn about a wonderful new way to clean your Eargo 5,6, and 7 devices. We are pretty excited about it and think you will be, too!