LINK by Eargo and Eargo SE devices and chargers, side by side

The Future of Hearing Is Here: Meet Eargo’s Newest Devices




To offer even more options for Americans to address their hearing loss, Eargo has unveiled two new and groundbreaking over-the-counter (OTC) hearing wellness devices.

The first is Eargo SE, our latest completely-in-canal (CIC) option that combines performance and value in one simplified package. Virtually invisible when worn, this new self-fitting OTC hearing aid features our signature essentials.

The second, LINK by Eargo, is the first earbud-style OTC hearing aid with Bluetooth 5.3. A hearing aid that doesn't look like one, LINK by Eargo lets you enjoy excellent sound quality and the convenience of Bluetooth earbuds for streaming calls or music—and especially when you don’t want to miss a thing, simply tap to choose one of four hearing aid modes.

As a pioneer in hearing wellness, we’ve successfully designed, manufactured, and directly delivered hearing aids to consumers for over a decade. Eargo has steadfastly committed to our belief that life deserves to be heard, and this principle has guided our every move since our founding in 2010.

“These two new products double down on our decade-long commitment to create better hearing wellness options—pairing innovative devices with consistent, seamless support,” says Bill Brownie, Eargo’s Chief Operating Officer and interim Chief Executive Officer.

Read on to learn more about Eargo’s expanded portfolio and how we continue to evolve the future of hearing devices.

Introducing Eargo SE and LINK by Eargo

Pairing award-winning technology with ongoing expert support, Eargo sets the industry standard for delivering discreet, effortless hearing devices. We designed these latest products to address additional consumer needs around functionality, design, and experience.

Eargo SE

A streamlined, self-fitting OTC device focused on all of our signature essentials, the Eargo SE is a virtually invisible, completely-in-canal product that lies at the intersection of performance, simplicity, and value.

Eargo SE devices facing left and right

Convenient & Easy

This hearing aid is ready to go right out of the box, with four preset listening programs to assist you in different listening environments. Simply tap to change between modes. Of course, you can also customize your Eargo SE to your preferred settings using the Eargo app on your compatible iOS or Android phone for a more custom listening experience.

Eargo SE is self-fitting, so you can skip the in-office fittings and adjust the device on your own using Sound Match, our proprietary self-fitting technology, in combination with the Eargo mobile app. Need some help getting set up? No problem. Call us and Eargo Support can walk you through the process.

“We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to hearing health,” Brownie says, “which is why the technology in the Eargo SE ensures a clinically proven, audiologist-quality fitting for a truly personalized experience. We're proud to empower individuals to take control of their hearing journey while providing the highest standard of care.”

Bill Brownie, Eargo’s Chief Operating Officer and interim Chief Executive Officer


The open-fit Eargo SE device features a new eartip design and pocketable charger for comfortable use and charging on the go. You can expect up to 16 hours of sound from a fully charged device and up to five full recharges when using the high-quality case.

The Trumpet eartips (available in three sizes) and removal thread make it easy to insert and remove the hearing aids while still ensuring a virtually invisible experience thanks to their completely-in-canal fit. Also available in this tiny but powerful package are noise reduction and feedback cancellation, so you won’t miss a thing as you go about your workday, run errands, or spend time with your family.

The Eargo SE is splash-resistant, so it can go with you nearly everywhere. It retails for $1,650 and comes with all the tools you need for easy cleaning and basic maintenance to maximize the life of the product.

LINK by Eargo

A new OTC hearing aid that provides users with reliable hearing loss support plus additional capabilities, LINK by Eargo is the first-ever low-profile, earbud-style OTC hearing device with Bluetooth 5.3.

LINK  by Eargo devices facing left and right

Discreet & Comfortable

Applying our standards of discreet design and innovation to a new form factor resulted in a beautiful low-profile earbud hearing aid. The earbuds align closely with your outer ear for a more streamlined look versus that of most other earbuds. 

LINK by Eargo also comes with eartips in three sizes and in open and closed styles, to suit your listening preferences and ensure your comfort. And using the earbuds couldn’t be any easier—a simple tap is all it takes to effortlessly answer or end your calls, to play or pause music, or return to hearing aid mode.


Thanks to the incorporation of Bluetooth 5.3, you can now stream calls and music through the very same device you use for hearing support. The latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology means superior audio quality and unparalleled connectivity, energy efficiency, and connection security. This means you can switch back and forth between streaming and hearing aid modes with ease—a necessity in a versatile device like LINK by Eargo. 

“Our customers deserve the best in cutting-edge technology and convenience while addressing their hearing loss,” says Tim Trine, Eargo’s Chief Technology Officer. “With LINK by Eargo, seamlessly switching between hearing aid mode and rich audio streaming through your Bluetooth-connected device is intuitive and easy. We made this device to provide yet another way to ensure that users don’t have to miss a thing when it comes to their hearing—whether for calls, music, or other sounds you might have been missing due to hearing loss.”

LINK by Eargo delivers a smooth listening experience, thanks to its active noise cancellation, noise reduction, and feedback cancellation features. More than that, the device’s directional microphones focus on the sound in front of you, complementing a natural tendency to turn toward whatever you’re listening to.

LINK  by Eargo device in ear


Not all listening environments are the same, which is why LINK by Eargo comes with four preset programs for perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, as well as a mute setting for turning off the amplification. 

You also have the option of turning the active noise cancellation feature on or off while in audio streaming mode. Picture yourself taking a call from a loved one or listening to your favorite playlist while working out. Simply adjust the volume as you normally would, using your Bluetooth-connected smartphone or other device.

Retailing for $799, LINK by Eargo is splash-resistant, and comes with a sleek case that can hold four charge cycles of up to nine hours each. That’s more than enough power to hear whatever life brings you in a day. For moments big and small, get ready to hear life to the fullest.

As with the purchase of all Eargo devices, you have the support you need to help you introduce and integrate your new device into your life. Whether it’s the Eargo SE, LINK by Eargo, or any other products in our portfolio, customers enjoy a 45-day trial period, orientation videos, and access to live support to help integrate our devices into your life.

“Our commitment to our customers extends far beyond the initial purchase—in fact, we think of it as just the beginning,” says John Gareau, Eargo’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Our customer support system is dedicated to providing whatever care and guidance you may need throughout your entire hearing journey. Whether you're just starting to explore hearing devices or you've been with us for years, our mission is to ensure you never feel alone on this path. We're here to support and assist your path to better hearing, every step of the way.

Man holding up Eargo SE device up to ear

Where to Buy Eargo

Eargo’s complete portfolio of over-the-counter hearing aid devices—including LINK By Eargo, Eargo SE, and Eargo 7—are available for purchase at, via Personal Hearing Guides at 1 (800) 903-6883, and in select retail partner stores, including Best Buy, Target, Victra, and on Amazon.

Individuals with hearing aid insurance benefits may be able to use their benefits toward the purchase of Eargo. Eargo accepts all major health plans, subject to verification of benefits, and is in-network with BCBS.

Making Strides in Hearing Aid Accessibility

Hearing aid accessibility has shifted significantly since the FDA created a category for over-the-counter hearing aid devices in 2022. 

Consumers now have a newly broadened range of alternatives, including more basic devices competing on price over functionality. However, as a result, many new OTC devices still fall short when it comes to challenging the known shortcomings of hearing aid adoption and providing an effortless product and support model that fully benefits the user. 

Eargo’s portfolio of offerings proves that people with hearing loss don’t need to compromise on quality or a trusted experience when seeking the support they need.

“While expanding OTC access and lowering costs for customers is a great first step for our industry,” Brownie says, “people also deserve the highest quality products and necessary support to incorporate these devices into their daily lives. Our expanded portfolio ensures a breadth of options, no matter the level of need.”

Learn more about LINK by Eargo and Eargo SE, plus discover the entire portfolio of hearing wellness devices, at