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Hearing aids only have so many parts to troubleshoot. They all have a microphone where sound goes into the device…and a speaker (we call it a “receiver”) where the sound comes out of it. They sit inside an environment that is exposed to not only debris in the ear like wax, skin oils, dry skin, and moisture…but outside of the head, they are exposed to sweat, humidity, dust, pollen, and more. Every time you put your hearing aid in or touch it, skin oils, lotions, dirt, and maybe a little bit of lunch, come off of your fingers and onto the device. When these accumulate in the very tiny openings of your device, they are often not visible to the naked eye. The best thing to do with any hearing aid when you experience an issue with sound quality is to clean the microphone and speaker according to manufacturer recommendations.

Does your device work with an app? Well, that opens up a whole new can of worms! App developers (for any kind of app) have the tough job of trying to have each app version play nice with as many phone models as possible. Every phone model might work differently with each operating system update. Add to that a device—and the software in the device—needs to work with all of the above as intended. Seeing a new issue? Consider if your phone, app, or devices just had an update. There might be an unintended consequence for a particular phone model, device, or feature in the app. Alternatively, perhaps there’s an update available you need to perform to your phone, the app, or the devices to remedy the issue. If you want a hearing aid with flexible settings and the ability to receive updates to its function and features, it comes with some patience and understanding. Ok, sometimes a lot of patience and understanding!

We try to make Eargo devices as easy and straightforward as possible, but hearing aids require help—not just with using them, but with understanding your hearing loss and what to expect in different environments and situations. We have an entire department of licensed hearing professionals to help and a lot of materials to assist you with getting started, using, and taking care of your Eargo devices. It can be hard to know which information to read if you have a specific question or issue, so we offer a step-by-step troubleshooting option.

Eargo chatbot HearingHelper

Troubleshooting Helper—our HearingHelper bot in the chat window—is loaded with troubleshooting tips for your specific product model! Rather than phone or email when we can’t “show” you, the bot includes video clips and pictures with each instruction so you can be confident that you’re doing the step properly.

If you have Eargo 5, HearingHelper is available to access in a few places:

  • Launch the Eargo app → select the 3 bars in the top left corner → choose HELP from the menu → contact Eargo → then CHAT.
  • Access the content through your phone or computer browser at this link. Make sure you click on the area for Eargo 5.
How to access Eargo HearingHelper

If you have the previous generation Eargo models like Neo HiFi, Neo, Max, or Plus, you can access it through your phone or computer browser at this link. Make sure you click on the correct area for previous-generation models. Then, select your Eargo model from the list. 

Just follow the prompts on the screen! Along the way, it will ask if your problem has been resolved. If it hasn’t been resolved, it will take you to the next step to try. If you exhaust all of the steps, you may be given various responses, such as to request a response from a chat representative, request a replacement, ask for a licensed professional to call you, or it might be an issue in which you need to call Client Care in order to describe what you’re seeing in real-time while they assist you.

The best part is, you can access it any time of day that’s convenient for you!