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In healthcare, trends and buzzwords can come and go like the seasons. The trends that usually stick do so because the consumer receives better care and a better outcome. There is a concept called Patient-Centered Care (PCC) that has been gaining momentum the past few years and written about in journals as well as practiced by some of world’s most prestigious hospitals and clinics. At Eargo, we believe in this model of care and know that it provides a superior experience for our clients. So, let’s explore what is meant by PCC and the primary guide posts that influence how Eargo provides superior care to clients.

The Institute of Medicine defines patient-centered care as, “Providing care that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.” Basically, this means that a true partnership is necessary between the healthcare provider and the person seeking their care, services or a product. It is a partnership where the person’s needs, values, and desired outcomes are considered to be a driving force with their healthcare provider. 

Shari Eberts, a hearing health advocate, recently wrote in a blog about PCC, “Sometimes my hearing loss friends complain that their audiologists don’t seem to listen, or care about their needs. (PCC) means that each person’s hearing loss journey is unique so a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Focusing on what is important to the person with hearing loss will increase their satisfaction with their treatment.”

When you look at Patient-Centered Care, there are three main components  to consider that help someone achieve a successful outcome when choosing a hearing aid company.

  1. Education and Awareness - A hearing care provider should empower individuals with knowledge, and available resources to help them make confident decisions, be more involved and feel respected.
  2. Go Beyond Technology - A hearing care provider should offer superior technology and also think holistically and discover the unique needs of the client. 
  3. Be Creative - Life is different and constantly changing. The best hearing care providers must think outside the box and create patient-centered solutions to address various needs.

Eargo has taken these three elements and put them into practice to improve the experience and results for our clients. Here are a few examples.

Education and Awareness 

The happiest clients are ones who feel empowered. Depending on where you are in your hearing journey (just considering or you’ve already purchased Eargos), we have created educational videos, white papers, and a hearing check to help you along the way. If you’re not sure you have hearing loss, then check out our hearing screening under the Hearing Health tab on our website. Do you already own a pair of Eargos and have questions, check out our extensive library of videos. Bottom line - we want to put you in the driver’s seat of your hearing care!

Go Beyond Technology

To us, this means it’s all about you. To make world-class hearing aids that are accessible, affordable, and innovative, every decision we make must have our clients best interests in mind. Our engineers design and build hearing aids that have the best fidelity, are easy to use, and comfortable in every way. On the frontlines, our Personal Hearing Guides spend considerable time understanding what's most important to improve your hearing before you place your order. Our Personal Hearing Professionals provide leading technology support through the lifetime of your Eargo purchase. 

Be Creative

We believe in adapting and throwing the rule book out the window. Two examples of this are the Eargo mobile app and our Virtual Consultation. Some clients asked us for more control over their Eargos, so we created the Eargo app (for Apple and Android). Our app allows you to personalize the listening programs and audio fidelity as well as accessing our help videos. You can also contact us for support through the app, even using live video if desired. 

Another example is our Virtual Consultation. Given the changes imposed on in-person appointments from Covid-19, our Virtual Consultation allows you to meet with one of our hearing professionals by way of a video appointment. You will receive a one-to-one personal discussion about your hearing, receive a clinically valid online hearing screening, and a live demonstration of Eargo hearing aids. Our clients have found this extra level of personal touch extremely helpful to understand if Eargo is right for them. If you’re interested in scheduling a free Virtual Consultation appointment, click here and confirm the date and time best for you.


Patient-Centered Care should be the norm across the industry and we can attest to the success of this model of care. Putting the client’s best interests and values in the center of everything we do has allowed us to help more and more people hear better every day. This is one healthcare trend in which we’re happy to lead the way.