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When you see someone hearing life for the first time, or all over again, it really moves you. It demonstrates in the simplest way how vital hearing is to our overall well-being.

When Lachlan was born, he appeared to be a healthy baby boy. But over the next few weeks, his parents realized something was wrong. Lachlan never smiled and seemed to be constantly agitated and confused.

After a trip to the pediatrician, Lachlan was diagnosed with hearing loss. He was fitted with a pair of hearing aids.[1] The results were heartwarming as he smiled for the first time.

Mr. Steve lost his hearing slowly over time and could not afford the proper treatment. Through a charity program, he was fitted with a pair of Eargo hearing aids. His transformation was instantaneous and incredibly powerful. Mr. Steve could now hear the things he hadn’t heard in years, and his emotional reaction says it all.

So, on this World Hearing Day we’d like to spread awareness of the importance of hearing far and wide and we’d like to ask you to help.

Please watch and share this heartwarming video so more people see how important hearing wellness is to life.

The world is getting louder and louder

Our ears are being bombarded with unsafe levels of noise everyday and as a result, hearing loss is becoming more and more widespread. No doubt, with all the nonstop streaming of videos, movies, music, and endless video calls, the assault on our ears seems relentless. The proliferation of headphone and earbud use in our hectic and noisy lives is accelerating hearing loss and making the situation even worse.

So how common is hearing loss?

You may be surprised to know that over 1 billion young adults are at risk of hearing loss today.[2] That’s more than the combined population of North and South America.[3] And, according to the World Health Organization, by 2050 up to 2.5 BILLION people around the world could be affected by hearing loss.[4]

In addition, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also stated that hearing loss from all causes is, “the third most common chronic physical condition in the United States.”[5]

All of this indicates that hearing loss affects more people than society has historically acknowledged, and is no longer an age related issue. In fact, it now risks affecting people of all ages so we urge you to consider getting your hearing screened regularly.

Because life deserves to be heard.



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