"I not only knew she was talking to me, but I could now understand her as well."
-Jerry Morse, on his first reaction after trying Eargo


Happily married couples continue to learn things from one another throughout their lives together. Jerry Morse and his wife, Bea, taught each other a thing or two about hearing aids over the years in a first-hand way. Jerry credits his wife, Bea, for guiding his recent decision on improving his hearing. You see, Bea had been wearing traditional hearing aids for many years. Jerry was all too familiar with watching her deal with considerable discomfort, fumbling to replace batteries, and not being satisfied with their overall performance. As Jerry mentioned, “If I ever had to wear hearing aids, I wouldn’t go through what Bea had been dealing with.” Jerry wanted to find something different that he could do on his terms.

Jerry is 73 years old and he retired in 2011 from the US Department of Commerce after serving there for 42 years. He still resides in the northern Virginia area. As mentioned earlier, Jerry has been happily married to Bea for nearly 50 years and they have two children and two grandchildren. Jerry is a big sports fan and cheers on his Washington Nationals baseball team and is crazy about Alex Ovechkin and Washington Capitals hockey.

Bea and Jerry Morse

Avid sports fan, Jerry, with his lovely wife Bea

Jerry’s Hearing Journey

Jerry first became aware of hearing problems about 4 years ago. He notices it most often while watching TV where he misunderstands dialogue, especially from women’s voices. He also is aware of a lack of speech clarity because of his hearing loss. When people are talking to him, Jerry says he sometimes knows people are saying something, but he can’t understand what they’re saying. He was becoming tired of asking people to repeat themselves and saying, “What did you say?”. And the situation would be worse if he was in a noisy setting or in a group of people.

As Jerry tells it, the turning point came when he saw an Eargo ad on TV and thought he could see himself using that type of hearing aid – invisible, rechargeable, and easy to use and maintain. Seeing that commercial was a big turning point for him. In addition, the Eargo commercial mentioned that he may qualify for coverage with his Federal Employee Health Benefits.

When Jerry connected with Eargo, he mentioned, “The entire team was enthusiastic, happy to answer any question, and was knowledgeable about everything. I was concerned that Eargo was just an amplifier and not a hearing aid, but that concern was resolved with a thorough explanation by one of your audiologists.” Reassured that Eargo is indeed a hearing aid made it an easy decision for him to order.

Jerry’s Eargos Arrive!

I asked Jerry what the first thing he noticed when he received his Eargos. “When I first got them, I could barely feel them and it didn’t take long before I could wear them all day. You also couldn’t see them. The dialogue on the TV was crisp, clear, and I could turn the volume way down. Also, talking to Bea was so much easier. I not only knew she was talking to me, but I could now understand her as well.” Speaking of Bea, Jerry’s experience was so wonderful, Bea took notice and decided to try Jerry’s pair for herself. The improvement over her old hearing aids was so significant, she ordered herself a set of Eargos and now says they’re the best hearing aids she’s ever had!

Jerry’s Reflections

In summary, Jerry tells friends and colleagues about Eargo every chance he can through emails and phone calls. When I asked Jerry for any parting words he’d like people to know about his experience, he simply said, “I just want people to know that Eargo is the real deal.”

Well said, Jerry!