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Intro by Steve Eagon

Not long ago we received an email at Eargo from one of our clients that stopped us in our tracks. The client, Barb Havrill, upgraded her Eargo hearing aids and took it upon herself to tell her “better hearing story” in the hopes it might help other people deciding how and if they should improve their hearing. Her story is inspirational, honest, and she provides great advice. At Eargo we know that our customers are the most influential part of our business. They help drive everything we do. In Barb’s case I have no doubt that many people sitting on the fence about improving their hearing will choose to do something (and hopefully with Eargo!) after reading Barb’s story.

Written by Barb Havrill

Like many people, I have experienced mild hearing loss as I have gotten older. Early signs I ignored were not understanding conversations where there was background noise - such as in restaurants and bars (pre COVID). It was easier to blame this problem on the environment rather than my hearing. When it progressed to conversations in quieter environments and TV shows at regular volume, I could not ignore the problem any longer.

I did not want to be like my Mom and deny that I had a hearing problem. As my Mom aged she would constantly be saying 'What?' 'What?'. She never did anything about her hearing because to her, it was admitting that she was getting older. (Puhleaze! - we should be happy about aging considering the alternative.) I promised myself that I would not be the annoying person constantly saying 'What?' and making people repeat themselves.

Photo of blue heron by Barb Havrill Some of Barb's captivating photography (here, a Blue Heron)

So when I realized my hearing was diminished I went to a local Audiologist for a test. Yes, I had typical hearing loss and for the low low price of $6,000 I could fix it. This was particularly crazy because for that insane price they just had my grandmother's hearing aids. They absolutely did not have the device configuration I wanted: small in ear device, rechargeable - (no messing with batteries), programmable by the user. I walked away from the audiologist office and started my online research.

I was delighted to see there were some options. My background is in technology and I firmly believed that there had to be hearing aids that fit my criteria. When I found Eargo I knew that they were the solution to my hearing problem. I immediately purchased a pair of Neos and did not look back. Recently, I upgraded to the Eargo Neo HiFi and they made a great hearing aid even better!

Photo of bison by Barb Havrill

So, what’s it like to begin using hearing aids?

You have to adjust to wearing them and I had to be patient. It can take a number of days for your ears to adjust to just having something in them, so don't give up. Other changes are simple things you didn't realize you could no longer hear. For example - I had slowly forgotten that one makes noise when they walk or when you take the Eargos out you realize how muffled sound is without your hearing aids. I also had to work through different pairs of Flexi's to find the right size and type so they don't move (thanks to Dad for my giant ears). Eargos come with a multi pack for that exact reason - so try them out. I think many folks just give up on using hearing aids because of the adjustment. With Eargos - I was able to contact their team of hearing professionals at any time to talk about any adjustment problems and to get solutions.

I have been using my Eargos every day for a year and a half and can absolutely say it is life changing! I have traveled internationally (pre COVID) with my Eargos and the charging case gives you that extra buffer of extended hearing time and no worries about forgotten batteries and searching for a match in another country.

My hobby is photography and good hearing plays a part in capturing wildlife photos. Really? Well it's important to be aware of how much noise you actually make when tromping through the woods, or hearing where the wildlife is, or knowing what another photographer is whispering to you. These are the little things you don't realize that gradual hearing loss steals from you over time.

Eargo is simply a wonderful product and company and they have wonderful associates. You can't go wrong with Eargos - give them a try!

- Barb Harvill

Barb Havrill

We're so thankful for your support, and your story, Barb!