Eargos on barrel at Nashville Barrel Company





“I’m not the typical person you think of when hearing aids are mentioned.”, says Eargo client James Davenport. And he’s right. James is 35 years old, sports tattoos, and co-owns the Nashville Barrel Company, a whiskey distillery and tasting room. Describing James as a hip guy is an understatement. I’ve been fortunate to spend time with him as an Eargo ambassador telling his hearing loss story to others. James is passionate about Eargo and is on a mission to let people know that it’s ok to have hearing loss and even cooler when you do something about it.


James proudly served the United States enlisting in the Navy immediately out of highschool and spent 5 years working as a submariner. James has fond memories of this time and tells some great stories. Over the course of 5 years working in a small cramped space around considerable noise, James discharged with a significant high frequency hearing loss. He’s told people, “My general thinking was there’s no way I’m wearing aids in my mid 20s, especially the kind that sit over my ear. I’d rather just live with hearing loss.” 


James went on to work various jobs for several years before founding Nashville Barrel Company. He met his fiance and noticed his hearing kept getting worse. It reached a point where it was affecting all aspects of his life. Then about a year ago, a good friend told him about Eargo and his world changed for the better. “The details of sound, speech, and color came back into my life instantly. I was no longer exhausted from struggling to understand conversations, and everyone noticed a change in how I interacted with them at work and at home.”, says James with a huge smile on his face. 


Without stealing any more of James’ thunder, watch the video so you can hear his story. If James inspires you to try Eargo and it changes your life, he’ll be the first to share a toast to your improved hearing and well-being.