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“I’m truly blessed in life. Working with Eargo took my hearing and turned it into a dream. I couldn’t be more grateful!”

- Reverend David Moss, on his experience with Eargo

Imagine being an Air Force Buck Sergeant from Austin, TX, and being sent to northern Japan early in your military career. It’s one thing to be sent overseas, but to go from the warmth of Texas to a cold and snowy northern Japan easily gives new meaning to the term “culture shock.” But that’s just what David Moss did, and never complained. David is a proud third-generation armed forces veteran who has been stationed all over the US, England, and Japan. He retired in 1986 after an injury left him unable to perform his regular duties.

When speaking with David for this story, all he could talk about was family and how much his world revolves around his wife Evelinn, their two natural-born children, three adopted children, and two twin grandchildren. In addition to family, Reverend Moss finds great inspiration in managing a group home for children with learning and mental health challenges. Family and a sense of giving and community is David’s life and he doesn’t want anything to get in the way, especially hearing loss.

David’s Hearing Journey

When David was only 30 years old and stationed in Sacramento, CA he noticed that he had developed tinnitus and difficulty understanding conversation in large crowds. He would ask people to repeat themselves, say “huh?”, and found himself becoming frustrated at his inability to follow a conversation. About eight years later, David’s hearing became noticeably worse. After describing his grandmother’s inability to hear for many years, he jokingly told me, “I had turned into my grandmother!” His first step was to see the local VA hospital to get hearing aids and begin that process.

While David is grateful for all the services provided by the VA, their solution for his hearing loss took many months and ultimately didn’t help. He was fit with behind-the-ear hearing aids that would get in the way of his glasses and made sounds either too soft or too loud. Finding a different hearing solution on his own was his only option.

David started seeing a few Eargo commercials on TV and was intrigued by what he saw. He liked the small in-the-canal fit that would go with his lifestyle and the rechargeable aspect. When he called Eargo, he found the staff friendly and willing to help in so many ways to make it easy for him to order. “The people at Eargo gave me a nice discount for being an Air Force veteran and worked out a convenient payment plan that fit my budget.”

David Moss family photo

David, Evelinn, and their lovely family


Eargo Arrives!

When his Eargos arrived, David was shocked at how easy it was to take them out of the packaging and start hearing right away. “The voices just came back. I could now understand people from behind me, I heard everything at church, and Evelinn was just amazed at the difference.”  He doesn’t want to discourage people from going to the VA, but David also doesn’t think you should settle for something that may not help you.

David is so appreciative of everything Eargo did for him and for the amazing people he has come in contact with over the past several months. “I’m truly blessed in life. Working with Eargo took my hearing and turned it into a dream. I couldn’t be more grateful!”

David, we thank you for your service and commitment to the United States!