Eargo finally delivered the hearing aids Maurice needed.

For Maurice “Mo” Quesnel, finding the right hearing aids took time - 4 years to be exact. With encouragement from his wife, Cindy, he wanted to improve his hearing to enjoy their retirement as fully as possible. His story is one of patience and perseverance and with a very happy ending. 

A native of central Michigan where he owned an aviation business for 40 years, Mo now lives in Fort Myers, Florida. For the summer, he and Cindy commute by way of their large plush motorhome to Petoskey, Michigan where, as he puts it, “I get to enjoy the greatest summers on the planet!”

Maurice Quesnel sitting in driver's seat of motorhome

Mo at the helm of their very large motorhome.

As with most people who experience hearing loss, Mo noticed difficulty hearing in noisy places like restaurants and he was asking Cindy to repeat herself frequently. Cindy had been asking him to do something about his hearing for some time, but Mo was resistant because he didn’t think his hearing was “that bad.” So four years ago he started his search for hearing aids.

The first two places he visited were traditional audiology practices. While the professionals were very nice, they only suggested behind-the-ear models which he didn’t like for his active lifestyle and he felt the sound quality wasn’t good. He made repeated trips to their offices for adjustments but in the end returned both pairs. Disappointed, he waited a while before trying hearing aids again.

Mo’s next stop was a big box retailer where he was only offered a behind-the-ear model. Again, the comfort didn’t work for him and the tubing piece that went into his ear tickled and was not wearable. Mo returned this model as well. Undeterred, he gave the big box store another try for a 4th attempt. This time they fit a similar behind-the-ear model on him with a custom mold that was too tight and plugged up his ear. He finally had enough and returned that pair while thinking, “There has to be something different to help my hearing.” That’s when he found Eargo while searching online for “best hearing aids.”

The first thing Mo did was take Eargo’s online hearing screening which verified he could be helped with an Eargo hearing aid. He then talked to Ashley who answered his questions, made him feel good about the process, and he decided to give them a try. He thought to himself, “I hope the 5th time’s the charm!” When his Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aids arrived a few days, there were a few pleasant things he noticed right away.

  • The fit. They were comfortable inside his ear canals, didn’t itch, and he liked that no one could see them.
  • The videos. Mo watched the Eargo videos online which made getting started with them very easy.
  • The charger. The other hearing aids he tried previously all had batteries, and he loved the convenience and hassle-free use of the Eargo charger.

Mo told me, “These Eargo hearing aids are better than anything else I tried. They are comfortable and the sound quality is natural. Everything is just easy.” During the first few weeks, he worked with an Eargo Personal Hearing Professional, David Richards, who made telecare adjustments to his hearing aids. “I love the idea that I can be in my home, Dave can fine-tune the hearing aids remotely, and I can try them right here in my environment.”

One night after wearing his new Eargos for a while, Mo dined outside with his wife and another couple. “Normally, I would just sit there and not be in the conversation with all the noise. But once I changed the Eargo’s setting, the background noise was toned down and I could hear clearly. I was simply amazed!

Maurice Quesnel with wife, Cindy

Mo finally had this to say about his Eargo experience, “I’m so happy with your company and such a huge believer in what you’re doing, that I bought stock in Eargo.” Mo had discovered that Eargo completed a successful IPO on October 16 and was being traded on the NASDAQ. “You guys are definitely next generation when it comes to hearing aids and I want to be a part of it!”