Eargo hearing aids vs the ‘traditional’ hearing aid experience


At Eargo, we’re reimagining what hearing wellness looks like. We’ve researched, designed, tested, and innovated relentlessly to create our Eargo hearing aids—modern, discreet hearing aids that save you on costs and time. And best of all, our model allows us to provide you with a better listening experience without skimping on the premium tech or professional support.



Hearing aid feature




Battery life

Price (per pair)

Level of hearing loss addressed

Traditional behind the ear hearing aid ear illustration

Traditional model (via clinics)

Must buy hearing aids through a licensed healthcare provider

Must visit clinics in person for fittings, adjustments, and follow-ups—often requiring multiple visits

Many traditional devices are bulky and sit “behind the ear”—wrapping around and into your ear

Many traditional in-the-canal models require changing batteries every 3-10 days

Average: $4,600

Moderate to profound

Eargo hearing aids ear illustration

Eargo hearing aids

Available over-the-counter: online, via phone, or at select retailers

Ability to self-fit anytime through the mobile app from the comfort of your home (Eargo 7, Eargo 6, and Eargo SE)

Virtually invisible, completely-in-canal (CIC) and suspended by comfortable, medical-grade silicone tips (Eargo 7, Eargo 6, and Eargo SE)

Fully rechargeable devices and charger—no battery replacements required


Mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss

Different types of hearing aids help with different degrees of hearing loss. It’s important to note that Eargo hearing aids are designed to help primarily with mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss, which is usually due to wear and tear on your ears from noise exposure or aging. Check out our convenient, clinically-validated online hearing screening to help you find out if an Eargo hearing aid may be right for you. If you know or believe you may have severe to profound hearing loss, or have experienced a sudden change in your hearing, we recommend that you consult your healthcare provider first.

What is an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid?

OTC hearing aids are a category of hearing devices that must meet certain U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements and are available for customers to purchase directly (whether online, by mail-order, or at retail stores near you). OTC hearing aids help to bring down overall costs and broaden the options available to customers, especially those with mild to moderate hearing loss who may find the traditional clinical process too expensive or time-consuming. Many manufacturers sacrifice the technology and/or support behind their devices in order to bring down costs. Eargo has reimagined the whole process to ensure that we provide premium hearing micro-technology and full remote support so that our customers don't have to settle. Eargo hearing aids are also FDA-cleared and fall into the OTC category as defined by the FDA, and have comparable efficacy to hearing aids available in a clinic.

To learn more about the FDA ruling and who OTC hearing aids are meant for, read our blog posts here, and here.


What is a self-fitting hearing aid?

Self-fitting hearing aids allow users to tailor their hearing device settings to their unique hearing needs without having to make an in-person trip to the clinic for adjustments or fittings. Eargo SE, Eargo 6, and Eargo 7 are all FDA-cleared OTC self-fitting hearing aids—you can make your own adjustments right from home, in under 30 minutes and on your own schedule.

To learn more about self-fitting hearing technology and hearing aids, read more on the blog.


What should I expect after I receive my Eargo hearing aids?


Eargos arrive ready to use right out of the box—just charge them up, pop them in your ears, and start hearing all the sounds you’ve been missing. Remember, your brain needs some time to get reacclimated to all the noise, so give yourself at least a week to get used to your new hearing aids and try wearing them in different environments.

Last but not least—a vital part of the Eargo experience is an Orientation Call with your assigned Personal Hearing Professional, who will walk you through proper use and care of your Eargos and answer any questions you may have. Our team is also available to help make any adjustments to your device settings, personalized to your hearing preferences. If you purchased your Eargos directly from us, be on the lookout for an email or call from us to schedule your Orientation Call. Purchased from somewhere else? No problem! You can register your product online or give us a call at 1 (800) 903-6883, so we can ensure you’re off to a great start on your hearing journey and get the most out of your Eargos.

Learn more about the Orientation Call


What about support?

Eargos come with lifetime remote support from our team of hearing professionals. While we try our best to make your Eargo experience simple and intuitive, we know that sometimes you might need some help! Our professionals are available to help you get started, tailor your device settings to your hearing needs, or assist with navigating any issues or concerns you may have while adjusting to your Eargos. We’re here for you every step of the way—simply give us a call, send an email, or schedule some time with your assigned Personal Hearing Professional. We’ve also created a whole library of helpful video guides that you can access anytime.


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