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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Eargo 5, 6, or 7 hearing aids—the revolutionary hearing devices that are tuned to your hearing needs by you! While you’ll be able to personalize your hearing aids to your unique hearing needs, lifestyle, and sound preferences, they’re designed to be ready to be used right out of the box with 4 preset programs that have been carefully chosen for most listening situations. 

There are two methods for changing the program of the Eargo 5, 6, or 7 hearing aids when they are in your ear: 

  1. A manual double-tap on the ear 
  2. The Eargo mobile app


For users who do not have access to a smartphone or to the Eargo mobile app, a quick double-tap on the fleshy part in front of the ear canal will change the hearing aid program. This method requires each ear to be adjusted separately. A voice indicator will announce which program is active so you have auditory confirmation when your program has changed.


The Eargo mobile app allows users to utilize their smartphone as a remote control. This method discreetly adjusts both hearing aids by tapping on the phone screen, not the ear. The mobile app also allows you to run Sound Match which tunes the hearing aids to your hearing preferences and applies your personal settings to the 4 hearing aid programs.

Eargo app Sound Match

Eargo Sound Match


The Eargo mobile app utilizes ultrasonic commands to communicate with your hearing aids. This ultra-high-frequency sound signal comes out of the smartphone’s speaker. You do not have to have your charger on hand to use the Eargo mobile app. The app does not use a Bluetooth signal to communicate with the hearing aids when they are in your ears, but if they are in the charger, it will use Bluetooth to update hearing aid software, connect with a replacement device, or download any programming changes sent to you from an Eargo Hearing Professional.

In order for ultraSonic commands to be sent efficiently from the Eargo mobile app to your hearing aids, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Phone Location
    1. Be sure and hold your phone directly in front of your chest, like you’re reading a book. If you hold it down in your lap, or off to the side, the signal from the Eargo mobile app may not reach the hearing aids.
    2. If only one hearing aid changes, tilt the phone closer to the ‘missed’ ear and try again.
    3. High noise environments can affect UltraSonic sound transmission and may require you to hold the phone closer to the ear or go into a quieter room.
  2. Active Phone Calls
    1. Be sure you are not on a live phone call when trying to use the Eargo mobile app. Remember, the app uses ultrasonic commands, not Bluetooth, when the Eargo hearing aids are in your ears. It must have access to your phone’s speaker.
  3. Other Apps
    1. In order for the ultrasonic commands to send properly, the Eargo mobile app must be the only app utilizing your phone’s speaker. Occasionally other apps, like games, video streaming, or music may be utilizing your phone’s speaker. They cannot be ‘on-deck’ or running in the background. Make sure to close (not just minimize) the other apps. Not sure how to properly close apps? See these links for help (iPhoneAndroid)
  4. Setting your Phone Volume
    1. If you choose to ignore the “Volume Adjustment Needed” pop-up alert, you’ll be able to access your app, but it may not communicate with your hearing aids.
    2. iPhone: Use the side buttons to set your phone’s volume to 75-100%.
    3. Android: Adjust your phone’s volume until it matches the ‘Volume Target’ (green check mark) shown when you open your mobile app.
  5. Phone Settings
    1. Ensure your phone is not set to ‘Mute’, ‘Vibrate’, or ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ mode.
    2. iPhone → Settings → Sound & Haptics → Ringers & Alerts → Change with Buttons (OFF)
    3. Android → Settings → Sounds & Vibrations Control → Touch Interactions & Vibration (OFF)

  6. Clean your Phone Microphone
    1. Debris from your pocket/purse may clog the phone’s speaker. Brush it off.
  7. Phone Case
    1. Ensure your phone case does not cover your phone’s speaker

Obviously, every phone make/model is different, so if you run into persistent issues with your phone or the function of the Eargo mobile app, even after following these tips, please reach out to us for support. 

Calll 1 (800) 903-6883 or email support@eargo.com.