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What real Eargo users have to say...

Image of Eargo user James Davenport who has given his testimonial on the virtual invisibility and effectiveness of Eargo hearing aids

James Davenport

Military Veteran / Whiskey Distiller

"All I had was the big, bulky things over my ears. That’s not what I was looking for, being young."

-James Davenport

Image of Eargo user Charlie Benante (drummer in the popular band Anthrax) who has given his testimonial on how wearing Eargo hearing aids has allowed him to continue to do his job and shares that Eargos saved his life

Charlie Benante

Anthrax Drummer

"Without my ears, I don’t know how I could do my job…This little thing…saved my life…I was more engaged."

-Charlie Benante

Image of Eargo hearing aid user Didier Jantz whose daughter provided her written testimonial on how purchasing Eargo hearing aids positively impacted her family's bond and allow her dad, Didier, to participate in work and family conversations again

Didier Yantz


"Hearing loss is about relationship loss. I got my dad [Eargos]…The best solution for our family’s bond."

-Didier Yantz

*Some users may have been compensated for their testimonial.
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