At Eargo, we believe in hearing without compromise and that life deserves to be heard.

We started Eargo with two goals in mind: to build the most revolutionary hearing device the world had ever seen and to put customer experience at the heart of it. Using innovative design, education, and guided support to mimic the experience of natural hearing, we offer category-defining differences when it comes to aesthetics, sound, convenience, and affordability.

For your patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, Eargo products deliver sleek design with discretion, comfort, and rechargeability in mind.

We believe in patient-centered care and meeting our customers where they are most comfortable.


Why Eargo?

  • FDA-Cleared and Self-Fitting – Eargo 5, 6, and 7 (Learn more about our self-fitting technology here)

  • Design – Discreet, comfortable, and rechargeable

  • Sound Quality – Personalized to a user’s unique hearing needs (Sound Adjust, Sound Match, Noise Reduction)

  • Support – Lifetime support 

  • App Control – Our mobile app allows users to personalize their devices to control and customize their hearing settings


Learn more about the Eargo Difference.

Who is Eargo Right for?

Eargo hearing aids are designed for adults with perceived mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss.

Good Candidates for Eargo:

  • Age-related loss (Presbycusis) or noise-induced hearing loss

  • Known or typical high-frequency hearing loss

  • Hearing loss in the low frequencies (250-1kHz) in the mild to moderate range

  • Sensorineural hearing loss

  • Previous users of RIC (receiver in canal) with open domes

  • Patient interested in CIC, ITC, or RIC with open domes

How to Help Patients Identify Perceived Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

  • Trouble hearing speech in noisy places

  • Difficulty following speech in groups

  • Trouble hearing on the phone

  • Listening is tiring

  • Need to turn up the volume on TV or radio while others complain it’s too loud

Eargo Product Portfolio


Our products are designed to bring all of the high-tech innovation you expect from the traditional hearing aid model together with all of the benefits and convenience of OTC products.

All of our products are discreet, rechargeable, and come with lifetime support. We have an Eargo for every ear and every wallet.


Eargo 7 right hearing aid device


Eargo 7

MSRP: $2,950

Hear more of what you love wherever you are, automatically


year warranty

Sound Adjust+

with Clarity Mode. Automatically optimizes your device settings to your soundscape. Also includes Sound Match

Water-resistant & Sweat-resistant

Tested to withstand accidental water exposure up to a rating of IPX7

Self-fitting OTC

CIC hearing aids

Closeup of Eargo 6 hearing aids - small, virtually invisible, comfortable hearing aids

Eargo 6

MSRP: $2,250

Sound that adjusts to your world


year warranty

Sound Adjust

Automatically adjusts your settings as you move between environments. Also includes Sound Match


IPX7 tested water-resistant for up to 30 minutes at a water depth of less than 1 meter

Self-fitting OTC

CIC hearing aids

Closeup of Eargo 5 hearing aids - small, virtually invisible, comfortable hearing aids

Eargo 5

MSRP: $1,650

Personalized to your unique hearing preferences—by you


year warranty

Sound Match

Advanced mobile app auto-adjusts Eargos to your unique hearing profile

Self-fitting OTC

CIC hearing aids

What's Included?

Each of our product systems include:

  • 2 rechargeable hearing aids

  • 1 charger (carries up to 2 days additional charge on the go)

  • Orientation Call (for Eargos 5, 6, and 7)

  • Lifetime support 

  • Warranty (2 years for Eargo 7, 1 year for all other devices)

  • 45 days to return for full refund

Eargo Tutorial Videos & Support

Insert Devices

Remove Devices

Get to Know Your Charger

Adjust the Program

Daily Care

Remove & Replace Petals

Remove & Replace Mic Caps

Additional Care

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Why Partner With Eargo?

Because it’s easy! We strive for the following:

To Maximize Choice

Your patients expect flexibility and options for their hearing needs that only Eargo can help you provide. Our self-fitting, open fit, CIC rechargeable hearing aids can fill the void in your product portfolio.


To Keep Things Simple

No need to stock inventory. Let us know if you want the hearing aids to be delivered directly to your office or to your patient's home. We will take care of the rest at no additional cost.


To Offer Flexible Support Options

You and your patient can contact Eargo's team of hearing professionals for no-cost customer support for the lifetime of the hearing aids. You can use this resource as much as you need.


How to Work With Us

If you’re interested in learning more about how to work with Eargo, contact us at partners@eargo.com.




Sound Adjust+ is unique to Eargo 7, improving upon the Eargo Sound Adjust algorithm of previous models. Using your unique hearing profile setup from the self-fitting process conducted within the Eargo app and with the help of Eargo support, Sound Adjust+ automatically adapts to your environment to soften unnecessarily loud or distracting sounds and help you hear speech more clearly against background noise.

Eargos are designed for adults with mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss. Our cutting-edge hearing devices are designed to work well for adults who need more clarity as opposed to more volume.

You can return your devices within 45 days of delivery for a full refund.


Eargo. Life deserves to be heard.