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Eargo not only wants you to hear life to the fullest, we also want things to be simple when you’re here. And the heart of that simplicity is using your My Account. My Account is your eargo.com base of operations where you can quickly and easily check shipping statuses, access warranty information, get help docs, request support, and so much more. Everything’s right there—in one convenient place.

To Create or Log Into My Account

To access My Account, go to eargo.com and look in the top right corner. Look next to the shopping cart for the My Account circle icon shown here. From here, you can either create an account (if you don’t yet have one) or if you are a returning customer, you can log into the account you have previously created.

My Account icon in navigation bar

Creating an Account & Password

The information you need to create an account is: first name, last name, the email that is associated with your Eargo purchase, and a password.

creating a password

You’ll notice the password box will assist you until your password is strong enough to meet  security requirements. When you have met the character, capital letter, and symbol requirements, you will see the line (shown yellow in the image) turn green.

Once this page is complete, a verification code will be emailed to you. Enter this code to complete the account creation/login process. 

Accessing My Account

Once you are logged in, click on the My Account icon in the top right corner again and click on My Account.


accessing My Account

In the “My Info” section of My Account, you can update your email address, home address, phone number, and payment info associated with your My Account for when you make online orders. You can also change your password here.

The “My Orders” section will list orders you have with Eargo, including your new Eargo system, accessories, or replacements.

My Account My Orders section

When you click on an order, it will expand:

My Account My Orders section expanded

Here, you will find the date of your order, status of the delivery, track your order, and see what address it will be delivered to. If you are looking for a copy of your invoice, you’ll find it in blue. If you click on the “eye” icon, you can view it. If you select the arrow pointing down, this will download it to the device you are on.

My Account invoice section

Creating a Support Ticket

In My Account, you also now have the ability to create a support ticket request. To start a request, access the support option from the left panel in your account, then select “Create Support Request.” We want to make the process of receiving support from Eargo easy for you. By taking advantage of the Support Request option in My Account, you can request help whenever you need it!

Support option in left panel of Eargo website
where to find the create support request button

Once you start your request, you will have fields to tell us your needs and select the Subject that your request relates to.

An exciting option available when creating a support request is that you have the ability to tell us how you would like us to communicate with you. We have the ability to help resolve your request via a phone call or email. We are happy to provide support the way you want to receive it!

fields to fill out to create a support request

The history of any support requests you have submitted is available to you any time, and you can see this in the Support section of My Account. 

  • View details of a Request by clicking on the carat in the far right 

  • A detailed page will open displaying:

    • Subject

    • Status

    • Creation date

    • How can we help? (Description)

More enhanced, self-service features will continue to be added with future updates!