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I was recently visiting my hometown in northeast Ohio, and saw some great television commercials for the world-famous Cleveland Clinic. They were touting their latest approach to patient care using telehealth and virtual conversations with their providers. In the commercial, patients were shown receiving the same convenient, innovative, and compassionate personal care through telehealth that has made them world renowned.

The Cleveland Clinic is just one of hundreds of health care practices, large and small, evolving to meet the needs of today’s healthcare consumer. In hearing care, Eargo is leading the charge not only with performance-driven hearing aid design but also in the purchase and delivery of our devices.

Analysis Paralysis: Which Hearing Aid Is Right For You?

If you’re like most people when making a big ticket purchase, the first thing you do is research online and begin educating yourself. Finding the right hearing aid is no different. There are dozens of brands and styles, hard-to-grasp technology jargon, and pricing that can seem unbelievably high. After all that, you’re tasked with finding a reputable local hearing professional with whom to work with. Over the years, I’ve seen too many people who need a hearing aid solution simply halt all decision-making while trying to navigate the information around purchasing hearing aids.

Eargo is fixated on making things easier for our clients. Our sole focus is to help people hear and live better while making it easy.  So, how do we do it?


In today’s world, we’re all busy and we value time more than ever. At Eargo we feel your pain and respect your time. So, when it comes to your hearing aid purchase, here are some options.

Option #1 – The Conventional Way. You call to schedule an appointment in the same way you would any physician appointment. You then take time from work or other important activities and drive to the hearing aid office where you’ll easily spend a couple hours going through their process. Their process involves having your hearing tested in a conventional small sound booth and then being presented several options of hearing aids to buy. That doesn’t even cover all the follow-up trips you would have to make if you ordered hearing aids. And we haven’t mentioned the cost. Most people spend between $4,000 and $6,000 for a pair of hearing aids this way. To be fair, there are some people with more severe or medically involved hearing loss who need to see a hearing professional in person, but we believe we have created a more efficient and modern approach and that people should have options.

Eargo Max page on phone screen

Option #2 – The Eargo Way. Click on eargo.com, or call 1 (800) 903-6883 to speak with a Personal Hearing Guide or hearing professional. Through a series of questions focused on your lifestyle and perceived hearing ability, we help you decide if an Eargo device is an appropriate option for you. Our hearing professionals can even review a hearing test with you if you have one. Once Eargo is deemed to be a great option, you can order your Eargo devices without leaving your home or taking time out of your busy schedule. Within a couple days, they’ll arrive at your home. It’s at this time you’ll begin your series of telehealth consultations with one of our Personal Hearing Professionals to help you get started with your Eargo devices enjoy better hearing. No waiting, no driving in traffic – just an easy solution to improve your hearing.

Comfort – It Matters!

A past colleague of mine frequently discussed hearing aid success in terms of meeting what I like to call “the comfort experience.” There are three parts to this experience:

  1. Psychological comfort
  2. Wearing comfort
  3. Sound comfort

Psychological comfort refers to how a person feels about wearing a particular style of hearing aid. For example, if you purchase a style that makes you self-conscious, you’re likely to be reluctant to use it. Wearing comfort is exactly what it implies. In the simplest of descriptions, you want to forget you’re wearing hearing aids and you don’t want it to get in the way of glasses or wearing hats. Sound comfort refers to the quality of sound the hearing aid is amplifying and if it’s naturally pleasing in most situations. If you can hit all three levels of consumer comfort, you stand a great chance to have a successful hearing aid experience.

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Sadly, 3 out of 4 people today are given one choice of one hearing aid style to use and it’s usually the style that fits behind and over the ear. While there are surely audiological reasons for some people using this type of hearing device, the three levels of comfort are rarely met with conventional hearing aids.

So, how does Eargo stack up? Invisibly, if we were to guess. If psychological comfort hinges on how you feel about using hearing aids, being virtually invisible is a huge win for Eargo. We’ve read the research, talked to many hundreds of people, and know most people prefer a hearing solution that doesn’t advertise itself.

Next, how about wearing comfort? Well, we think we’ve got that covered. Our patented Flexi Fibers made from soft, medical-grade silicone material suspend Eargo inside the ear canal allowing the ear to “breathe” and not feel plugged. They also conform to the shape of the ear canal for an unsurpassed fit.

Lastly, let’s address sound comfort. While no hearing aid will return your sense of hearing back to its pre-hearing loss state, our fitting approach and use of Flexi Fibers gives Eargo a distinct edge over conventional hearing aids. Without getting too techy, the Flexi Fibers keep the ear canal open allowing sounds you can hear normally to pass into the ear unblocked and un-amplified. We then use our digital processor to focus on the high-frequency sounds of speech for the clarity people need.

The Best Hearing Aid

Our new Eargo Max device has advanced sound processing features for wind and background noise, as well as increased clarity without feedback. As you can see, our team of engineers and hearing industry experts have thrown the rule book out the window in regard to Eargo’s design and functionality giving the Eargo user unsurpassed sound comfort. Request a free sample for fit and feel today. Call our team of hearing health professionals at 1 (800) 903-6883 with any questions about our modern best hearing aids. We’re all ears!