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Our Client Review Team has insightful conversations with a diverse selection of people every single day, including current customers and those who aren’t even sure that they have hearing loss. One thing we often hear is , “I’m likely not a candidate for Eargos because I have low-pitch loss, and I know Eargo is for high-frequency loss.”

This is somewhat incorrect, because the most common symptom people with hearing loss experience is trouble with clarity, and understanding specific words said—and that is a separate issue from low-pitch loss. 

Soft speech, and most of our consonant sounds, come from high frequencies—most of which are above 1kHz. A true low-frequency/pitch hearing loss would greatly affect the overall volume in most situations for an individual—not just speech. Meaning, they would have trouble hearing sounds spanning from water dripping to a dog barking.

A recent conversation we had with a customer serves as an example. He was convinced our hearing aids wouldn’t work for him because of the aforementioned low-pitch school of thought. He had been struggling to hear his wife and friends in group settings and when someone was walking away from him. That, and he had a constant need to turn up the TV volume to hear everything that was going on, not just the dialogue. These are classic symptoms of high-frequency hearing loss. When asked if his TV was clearer after increasing the volume, he replied, “Not really.”

When you are experiencing high-frequency hearing loss, the common attempt to make things clearer is usually to increase the volume as a way to solve the problem. What’s really happening is that you’re just increasing the volume of all sounds equally, causing them to “smoosh” together. What you actually need is an increase in clarity (aka high frequencies), and a TV remote is not capable of doing that. 

Eargo hearing aids are the perfect choice for situations like this. Whereas increasing the volume is akin to a bandaid (that doesn’t really work), we tackle the problem with technology and a deep understanding of how ears work! Our hearing aids will not only help you hear better (louder), but will increase the clarity of speech—reconnecting you with the world around you. 

If you have questions about hearing wellness, Eargos, or anything else hearing-related, we encourage you to give us a call for a no-obligation discussion. We want everybody to hear life to the fullest, so we’re happy to answer your questions, review your audiogram (if you have one), and provide any information that we can to help you achieve your hearing goals.

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