As part of the Eargo team for over 6 years now, I’ve had the privilege of meeting people from all walks of life and being a part of their better hearing journey. Back in 2021 I received an inquiry from Carla, the girlfriend of rock drummer extraordinaire, Charlie Benante. After 4 decades of playing drums and touring the world with the heavy metal band Anthrax, his hearing was not the same and it was affecting many aspects of his life. I wrote about Charlie’s experience here and how Eargo changed his life.


In late October 2022 I finally met Charlie in person and he was gracious enough to speak about his experience with Eargo to the Victra annual sales leadership meeting. (In case you don’t know, Victra is the largest authorized dealer for Verizon and now carries Eargo in their 1500 locations across the U.S.) Not only did Charlie wow the crowd by playing his drums for the Victra team, he humbly and honestly shared his story about dealing with hearing loss and how Eargo “saved his life.” He left all of us at Eargo so proud of what we do!


The next day we had an incredible time spending the morning with Charlie as he agreed to shoot the below video testimonial. Charlie compares Eargo to giving him “super powers” and the feeling that he’s James Bond given Eargo’s virtual invisibility. This really brought a smile to our faces! The Eargo team is so grateful to have someone of Charlie’s visibility and notoriety being a strong voice to talk about hearing wellness and to also encourage people to step up and do something to hear and live the best life you can. 


Hey Charlie - I signed off the last blog to keep rockin’ and that we’ve got your back. From the entire Eargo team, thanks for all you’ve done and for having our back. We know your words and story will continue to motivate others to improve their hearing health.

Click below to watch the video of Charlie's Eargo experience