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Thanks Eargo for thinking outside the box and inside my ears! - John Wenstrup


- by Steve Eagon

John Wenstrup, longtime Eargo customer, dressed as Santa Claus

Mr. Wenstrup was one of my first clients to purchase Eargo Plus. He shared his stories about acting as Santa on our first phone call, and how he really wasn't hearing the children when they came to sit on his lap with Christmas wishes. During the course of our conversations I learned he loved his role in holiday events, and that it was important for him to be able to hear not only in that situation, but in his everyday family life as well.

Mr. Wenstrup caught on quickly, learning which programs to use and how to clean and maintain his device. As I checked in with him, as we do with each of our Eargo clients, he assured me he was following my instructions and doing well. I get to hear so many stories of how Eargo devices are helping and how, but to see pictures of all these special new moments is such a wonderful confirmation that we are making a difference in people's lives! 

My Eargo Journey

- by John Wenstrup (as told to Steve Eagon)

John Wenstrup with his family

As a financial advisor for more than 40 years, I have little difficulty listening to my clients discussing their goals. I am fortunate in that respect, because I consider listening to be one of the greatest assets to my business!  But these conversations take place in a carefully designed setting – one-on-one, face-to-face, no distractions. It had been easy to sidestep the obvious hearing problems that plagued me outside the office.

However, some 15 years after my first diagnosis of hearing loss, two instances have brought me to take action! 

The first occurred at home. My wife, Grace, and I were discussing what to have for dinner as our local TV news played in the background. When the news anchor turned over the story to his soft-spoken co-anchor, I realized it sounded just like Grace’s voice! It was a tipping point for me.

Sure, Grace and our five girls have been shouting, “Get a hearing aid!” for many years, but this was undeniable evidence of some strange science happening in my ears. I then became increasingly aware of how much I missed out on family conversations. I didn’t have to learn the “nod and smile” technique, it was part and parcel with my effervescent optimism that tomorrow would be a better day. You could call that denial. And then, sadly, one by one, they gave up trying to include me in the conversation. I called this my isolation phase, and it wasn’t a good one!

John Wenstrup as Santa Claus, speaking with a child sitting on his lap

The second instance involved in my highly esteemed position as Papa Claus – Cincinnati’s Hometown Santa! Each year, I visit with thousands of children between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Listening to children comes with its own set of challenges, even for the very best of ears, and listening as Santa carries some major responsibility. For me, the inability to actually discern what these tots were saying had become in-tot-lerable! I knew I was letting the wee ones down as I “nodded and smiled” with no idea what they had just wished for! Now, with six grandchildren of my own, this is no longer just a holiday problem – it’s an everyday disaster!

So, Papa’s got a brand new bag! Actually, my Eargo devices were delivered in a beautiful package. I received the gift of communication, and hearing all the good stuff in my life!

Everything about Eargo’s hearing aids seems engineered to eliminate the excuses that had kept me on the fence for all those years. Eargo eliminates the ear apparatus that clicks and clacks when I take my reading glasses on and off - which I do a lot! No fumbling for tiny batteries as I soar across the night sky in my sleigh - or across town in my car! No open admission that my hearing is out-of-whack – no one sees my hearing aids! No flipping a switch to increase volume when I am listening to an especially soft-spoken child. There are no “tells.”

Stage set up as "Santa's Factory"

Grace and I are definitely more connected! We can go to the theater without leaving my driver’s license at the special services desk to secure a minimally effective hearing device. I can watch TV without cranking up the volume and running everyone else out of the room. The crickets and birds have returned to the neighborhood, the breeze rustles through the remaining autumn leaves in our yard and I can once again hear the pitter-patter of rooftop raindrops. When the day is done, my Eargo devices nest safely in their case, keeping them charged and safe.  

Now perhaps your elves could make an app to locate that case when I misplace it, which is bound to happen someday! Ho! Ho! Ho! I am looking forward to the holidays with high expectations to once again be an active part of the family discussions and a more responsive Papa Claus! Thanks for thinking outside the box and inside my ears!

John Wenstrup as Santa Claus, holding a baby

The holidays are a time to enjoy family gatherings and celebrations. Even if you’re not playing the role of Santa or Mrs. Claus, hearing loss can affect those closest to you (and not only because you’re shouting “What?”). Give them - and yourself - the gift of better hearing this season. Call our team of hearing professionals at 1 (800) 903-6883 to discuss how Eargo’s virtually invisible, comfortable, rechargeable hearing aids can enhance your hearing.

UPDATE (2020): Papa Claus John is still keeping busy in this challenging year...

We are so honored to have dedicated Eargo users the likes of John. And this Christmas, his usual Santa duties have undergone some changes. He recently sent us an update and asked us to share his message: 

In the age of wearing masks and social distancing, even Santa Claus has to adapt to talk to all the little girls and boys. I absolutely live for this time of year and there's no way I could talk to the children if I wasn't wearing my Eargo hearing aids. They have been a life-saver for me in so many ways! Happy Holidays to all!

Nothing stops Papa Claus John from inspiring a little happiness in children each year.

John Wenstrup as Santa Claus, sitting with a child outdoors while social distancing and wearing face masks