Eargo is in-network with BCBS!


We may be in-network with your local BCBS plan.

That means that you may be able to use your hearing benefit towards Eargo hearing aids. Your plan may still require that you have a hearing test performed by a licensed provider before using your benefits toward Eargo, which may need to be completed in person. Members of BCBS of Michigan may opt for a telehealth appointment with a licensed Eargo audiologist — learn more here.


Use your hearing benefit towards your Eargos in just a few steps:

number one

Click the "Get Started" button below to submit your information, or give us a call at 1 (615) 208-7504 to connect directly with our team.

number two

We’ll confirm your insurance eligibility, available coverage, and discuss your plan’s hearing test requirements, as well as any questions you have about Eargo devices.

number three

Upload the results of your hearing test. Our team will review the evaluation from your chosen provider to make sure it meets your plan’s medical necessity requirements.

number four

If everything is in order and you decide to move forward with purchasing Eargos using your insurance benefits, Eargo will handle the paperwork, file your claim directly to your insurance plan, and ship your Eargo hearing aids directly to you.

Get started

As with any Eargo product, you’ll have lifetime support from our customer service team. You’ll be connected with a member of our team right after delivery, and they’ll provide as much support as you need on your hearing journey. 


We've been pioneers in hearing wellness in the US since 2010. We design discreet hearing aids and deliver a complete experience, with all the autonomy you want and support from us when you need it.

Eargo is a participating provider with Blue Shield of California, which means we are in-network for BCBS members with access to the BlueCard BCBS PPO Network.If you see the following image on your member card, then Eargo is probably in-network with your plan.

You can call your plan to confirm. Or, you can provide us your insurance information and our team is happy to help by calling your insurance plan to verify your hearing benefits and Eargo’s network status under your plan.

Most insurance carriers require a hearing test that provides a diagnosis of hearing loss, among other things, to establish medical necessity for hearing aid coverage. Eargo requires documentation of this hearing test to comply with insurance carrier requirements, relevant laws and regulations, and Eargo’s compliance program.

Eargo will accept a hearing test with a written diagnosis from any licensed audiologist or ENT properly qualified and licensed to furnish a hearing test. Depending on your plan, the hearing test may also need to include other details that we are happy to discuss with you.

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*We will perform an insurance verification of coverage and benefits and will communicate what we learn about your health insurance hearing aid benefit and your expected financial responsibility. However, a verification of benefits from your insurance is not a guarantee of coverage or payment. Health insurance plans do not always reimburse or pay for the cost of a hearing evaluation or hearing aids, even when you or your health care provider have reason to think you need the hearing aids. We will not know your insurance company’s coverage determination until it processes the insurance claim.