See how real Eargo users of all ages are breaking stigmas associated with hearing loss.

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With the constant exposure to loud noise the face of hearing loss is changing.

By 20502.5 BillionPeople will suffer from hearing loss*

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#shatterthemyththat hearing loss is age-related

I [thought] there was no way I would develop hearing loss in my 20s...


Multidisciplinary Artist


#shatterthemyththat hearing aids have to be big and bulky

One of the best things about [my Eargos] is that people don't even know I'm wearing them.

James Davenport

Owner of Nashville Barrel Company

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#shatterthemyththat hearing loss means missing out on your best life

Sound is [an] amazing texture in the fabric of life...don't take it for granted and don’t give up on finding your solution.

Iris Apfel

Interior Designer & Fashion Icon


#shatterthemyththat hearing loss is something you have to endure

...Eargos came into my life and then I heard things again...My ears are how I make my living...without them I don't know what I would do.

Charlie Benante

Drummer, Anthrax



Because life deserves to be heard

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*As reported by the World Health Organization